Push med Patella Brace

The soft gel pad keeps the Push med Patella Brace in place while delivering easy pressure where it is needed.

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Product Overview

The inventive design of the Push med Patella Brace uses comforting materials while the semi-rigid strap reinforcement delivers precise, well distributed pressure. The brace contains latex and is machine washable. (See CARE tab.)

Push med Patella Brace is the ideal brace for women or men with:

  • Patellofemoral pain
  • Jumper's knee (tendinitis of patella tendon)
  • Osgood-Schlatter disease
  • Subluxation/proximal hypermobility of tibiofibular joint.
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Additional Information

Sizing Information

How to Size the Push med Patella Brace

Measure around the lower part of your knee, as shown. The Push med Patella Brace is available in ONE SIZE which fits knee measurements of10 5/8 to 17 ¾ inches (27-45 cm) and can be worn either on the RIGHT or LEFT knee.

Push med Patella Brace Size Chart

Application Information

How to Fit the Push med Patella Brace

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Brace Care

How to Care for the Push med Patella Brace

Following the recommended care instructions can greatly extend the life of your Push med Patella Brace and straps:

  • Close all straps before washing
  • Place the brace in a net bag
  • Machine wash on the gentle cycle at a low temperature
  • Allow to air dry
  • DO NOT add bleach
  • DO NOT dry in dryer or wash in a dishwasher.
Insurance Information

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The innovative characteristics of some of the Push braces do not fit current L-code identifier categories; therefore, there is no assigned L-code identifier for the Push med Patella Brace to allow you to file for insurance reimbursement.

BraceLab is not a provider. We do not file insurance nor can we provide information on insurance coverage or reimbursement. Please contact your insurance provider for specific filing information.

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This information is provided to help you better understand the Push med Patella Brace and to ensure proper custom fitting to provide patients with the best possible functional outcome.

  • Distributes comfortable pressure to the patellar tendon via skin compatible, anatomically shaped, viscoelastic polymer pad
  • Prevents downward slippage with the non-slip pad
  • Ensures even distribution of pressure to the patellar tendon with the semi-rigid strap reinforcement
  • Creates soft, comfortable feel and wicks moisture through the Sympress™ micro-fibers
  • Contains Latex
  • Machine washable (See CARE tab)
  • Patellofemoral pain
  • Patella tendon tendonitis
  • Osgood-Schlatter disease
  • Subluxation/proximal hypermobility of tibiofibular joint

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