Push ortho Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO)

Dynamically stabilize your ankle to reclaim your natural gait with support from the Push® ortho Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) brace.

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Product Overview

The Push ortho AFO brace provides support and flexibility in all the right places so you can walk safely and efficiently.

Step into the Push ortho Ankle Foot Orthosis, whose innovative drop foot brace design supports normal ankle movement during walking to help you hit your stride again. Compare it to other AFOs to experience the difference. The Push ortho AFO lifts your foot in the swing phase and controls your foot’s stability while walking, never impeding the natural movement of toes or the forefoot. Latex free and crafted from soft, moisture wicking Sympress™ microfibers, you can comfortably wear the Push ortho AFO with a wide variety of shoe styles, including sandals and slippers, and also use it as a night splint. The brace is machine washable in the net bag provided. (See CARE tab.)

Push ortho Ankle Foot Orthosis is helpful for:

  • Drop Foot (Peroneal Palsy) Muscle Weakness
  • Nerve Disorders
  • Stroke
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Weakness after Low Back Injury
  • Trauma
  • Cerebral Palsy

IMPORTANT: If you suffer from the loss of plantar flexion, have moderate to severe spasticity, or an extreme foot deformity, the AFO will not function properly.

Wrench and Hammer Work
Wisk in bowl Everyday Activities
Small Gardening Shovel Gardening
Weights Fitness & Gymnastics
Golf Club Golf
Additional Information

Sizing Information

How to Size the Push ortho Ankle Foot Orthosis

To determine the size of the Push ortho Ankle Foot Orthosis needed, measure around the ankle as shown. Select RIGHT or LEFT in the corresponding size from the chart.

NOTE: This measurement is only a guideline for determining size. If measurement is near the size break point, you should try on both sizes to determine the best fit.

We encourage having a medical professional fit the Push ortho Ankle Foot Orthosis if possible.

Push AFO Size Chart
BraceLab Fit Guarantee

BraceLab Fit Guarantee

Our sizing chart is a guideline for determining the size for your Push ortho Ankle Foot Orthosis. If the brace does not fit correctly, we offer free shipping on exchanges for a different size. PLEASE NOTE exchanges are only accepted on braces that have not been worn past the fitting stage and are in their original packaging. For more information, view our Return Policy.

Application Information

How to Fit the AFO

The Push ortho AFO requires two customized fitting alterations easily done by a professional, or you can do them yourself. Watch the video below to learn how to trim the footplate and adjust the length of the top strap.

Return Policy

AFOs that have been worn or customized (trimmed) cannot be returned, so we strongly advise having a medical professional assist you with the sizing and fitting of the brace.

How to Apply the AFO

Application Dots Logo

Application is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

Look for the Push Braces “dot system” to help you secure each strap to the proper place, in the correct order. Start with the strap with one dot on the hook pad and secure it to the loop on the brace that has a matching dot. Repeat with the strap that has two dots, and so on, until the brace is secured. It is that easy!

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Brace Care

How to Care for the Push ortho Ankle Foot Orthosis

Following the recommended care instructions can greatly extend the life of your Push ortho Ankle Foot Orthosis and straps.

Care Tips for Your AFO

  • Close all straps before washing
  • Place the AFO in the net bag provided with the brace
  • Machine wash on the gentle cycle at a low temperature
  • Allow to air dry
  • DO NOT add bleach
  • DO NOT dry in dryer or wash in a dishwasher
Insurance Information

You can use your Health Savings Account to purchase BraceLab products. As a courtesy, we have provided instructions for submitting an insurance reimbursement claim below; however, these guidelines do not guarantee reimbursement of Push and Push Sports braces. Please contact your insurer with any questions about insurance, claims and filing.

  • To submit a claim to Medicare, fill out the CMS form for Durable Medical Equipment reimbursement.
  • You will need to include your receipt/order confirmation with your claim.
  • The HCPCS/L-code for the Push ortho Ankle Foot Orthosis Brace is L-1930.
  • BraceLab does not have a National Provider Identifier Number (NPI number), so choose the option: “The provider or supplier is not enrolled with Medicare.”

Other Insurers, Medicare Advantage & Medicare Supplemental Plans
  • Contact your insurer to obtain the correct form for requesting reimbursement.
  • You will need to include your receipt/order confirmation with your claim.
  • The HCPCS/L-code for the Push ortho Ankle Foot Orthosis Brace is L-1930.
Medical Professionals

BraceLab offers bulk pricing to Medical Professionals.

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The following resources are provided to help you better understand the Push ortho Ankle Foot Orthosis and to ensure proper custom fitting to provide patients with the best possible functional outcome.

  • Lifts foot in swing phase with dynamic dorsiflexion
  • Criss-cross elastic straps control foot stability in stance phase
  • Allows active plantar flexion and natural forefoot rolling
  • Supports both medial/lateral sides of the ankle, controlling inversion/eversion
  • Allows normal ankle motion in sit-to-stand
  • Secures foot to orthosis, allowing use of a wide variety of shoe styles, including sandals and slippers
  • Soft, comfortable lining wicks moisture through Sympress™ microfibers
  • Serves as night splint, if desired
  • Is custom fitted by trimming footplate and adjusting proximal strap length (See customization video)
  • Encourage custom fitting by a trained professional
  • Latex free
  • Machine washable; net bag provided (See CARE tab)
  • Drop Foot/Peroneal Palsy
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Nerve Disorders
  • Stroke
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Trauma
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Loss of plantar flexion
  • Moderate to severe spasticity
  • Extreme foot deformity

If you need to return/exchange a brace, please see our policy for Exchanges & Returns for Therapist/Clinic/Reseller.

Terms and Conditions

Orders cannot be changed or cancelled after submission. Please review your order for accuracy before submitting.

Shipping & Handling

When choosing your shipping option, please allow 1-2 business days for order processing in addition to shipping times. We make every effort to process orders the same day up to 1:00pm, but we cannot guarantee it. BraceLab does not ship on weekends or holidays.

BraceLab Warranty Information

BraceLab wants you to be satisfied with your purchase from us. All Push Braces and Push Sports Braces are guaranteed against any defect in materials or workmanship for 90 days from the date of purchase, unless altered or laundered incorrectly (see product insert for instructions).

Patient Exchanges & Returns

BraceLab offers free returns and exchanges to ensure that you get the correct size and fit.

For Fit or Sizing Exchanges or Returns:
  • To request an exchange or return due to improper fit, please call us at 888-235-8221 or email us at support@bracelab.com within 30 days of purchase to receive return instructions and an RMA authorization number. Exchanges and returns must be received by BraceLab within 15 business days of the RMA authorization number issuance. No exchanges or returns will be accepted without an RMA authorization number.
  • All braces returned for improper fit must be in new condition with the original product inserts and packaging. Braces may be tried on for sizing and fit but must be unused to be returned or exchanged.
For Defective Exchanges or Returns:
  • If you have an issue with product workmanship within 90 days, please contact us immediately at 1-888-235-8221 or support@bracelab.com. We will provide you with an RMA authorization number. Defective exchanges or returns must be received by BraceLab within 15 business days of the RMA authorization number issuance. No defective exchanges or returns will be accepted without an RMA authorization number.

BraceLab Customer Service is available weekdays from 9:00AM to 5:00PM EST, except on holidays.

Exchange braces and refunds on returns will be issued within two business days of BraceLab receiving the original product under the conditions stated above. Replacement shipping is provided free via USPS Priority Mail. If you require expedited shipment it must be paid in full and in advance of shipment.

These policies do not apply to international orders. Please contact BraceLab for information.

Please ensure you follow the above policies for prompt resolution. If these policies are not met, BraceLab may refuse your shipment – you will be notified and the product may be returned to you at your expense.

Therapist / Clinic / Reseller Exchanges and Returns

Exchanges can be made provided the original order was placed for a specific patient and the exchange or return request is made within 30 days of the original purchase. Exchanges and returns are not allowed on original orders of 4 or more braces.

You must contact BraceLab Support at 1-888-235-8221 or support@bracelab.com to obtain an RMA authorization number prior to sending any return or exchanged or defective product.

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