Educational Videos

  1. Insight into the Interosseous Muscles

    Insight into the Interosseous Muscles

    This 10-part series explores the multidimensional influence the interosseous muscles have on finger movement. Increase your appreciation of the multidimensional influence the interosseous muscles have on finger movement by examining detailed anatomy and kinesiology, including the varied role of the muscles depending on the position of the metacarpophalangeal joint.

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  2. What Drives Finger Motion

    What Drives Finger Motion

    This 16 part series analyzes the function of the multifaceted dorsal apparatus, focusing on what muscle power influences which movements.

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  3. Understanding the Dorsal Apparatus of the Finger

    Understanding the Dorsal Apparatus of the Finger

    This series unravels the puzzle of the dorsal apparatus of the finger so you can understand the complex structures that balance motion of the finger. Custom professional anatomical illustrations bring the anatomy alive.

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  4. Radial Nerve: Rehabilitation & Orthotic Intervention

    Radial Nerve: Rehabilitation & Orthotic Intervention

    An overview of the levels of radial nerve injury, the resulting clinical presentations, and the key goals of rehabilitation. A detailed radial palsy orthotic construction video is included.

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  5. Nuances of Mobilizing the Stiff Hand

    Nuances of Mobilizing the Stiff Hand

    This course explores our current state-of-the-art, evidence-based rationale for treating stiffness in the hand. After defining joint stiffness and reviewing current evidence, discussion focuses on both the tissue response and cortical response to stress deprivation and stress application, explaining how edema, interosseous muscle tightness, and passive range of motion interplay with the collagen response. A review of traditional treatment, the use of Casting Motion to Mobilize Stiffness and the use of Active Redirection equip the participant with new clinical tools for treating stiffness.

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  6. Nuances of Flexor Tendon Rehabilitation

    Nuances of Flexor Tendon Rehabilitation

    This series focuses on how a therapist might thoughtfully modify protocols based on a specific patient circumstance or zone injury. Explanations of how tendon healing occurs, definition of excursion, rationale for the ideal time to start early motion, and the role of suture strength and pulleys provide the basis for a discussion of the variables that alter the work of flexion: range of motion, friction, load, suture strength, position in orthosis, and the effect of the lumbrical and/or interosseous muscle/s. Finally, these variables are discussed as they relate to each flexor zone.

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  7. The Obstinate PIP Joint

    The Obstinate PIP Joint

    This series thoroughly explores the anatomy of the PIP joint, causes of stiffness, and practical treatment approaches to resolve stiffness. Innovative solutions for joint motion deficits include the new concept of active redirection. Video demonstrations of orthotic construction include 1) three active redirection orthoses, 2) a finger gutter orthosis, and 3) a unique serial casting technique.

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  8. Drawing the Dorsal Apparatus

    Drawing the Dorsal Apparatus

    Here is a short video reviewing the dorsal apparatus anatomy drawn on the left long finger.

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  9. Drawing the Thumb Muscles

    Drawing the Thumb Muscles

    We have created a short, fun video reviewing the thumb muscles. We hope this is informative and helpful when working with your thumb patients.

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