Patient Testimonials

BraceLab strives to provide the best customer service. We pride ourselves on selling only the best products and making sure every customer is entirely satisfied. Unsure about ordering from BraceLab? Read for yourself!

Push® Metagrip® Feedback

 "I am so glad I got the MetaGrip. It fits great and it was not hard to get the fit. I can do any task with it on. It washes well after dirty or sweaty work. I am an athlete, and I can easily wear this riding my bike or anything else. In fact, the MetaGrip helps support my thumb area when I spend hours riding. I have and will continue to recommend this product to others."


- Gwen, almost 50 year old triathlete


"Without the MetaGrip, my hand is in pain. I rock climb, do needlework and play the piano. The MetaGrip allows me to do all of these things."

- Bettina, patient


"I have 20 horses, to say I use my hands is an understatement. Your brace has limited the motion on those joints allowing them to “rest” and I do believe help slow down the process of either a fusing or replacement :) I LOVE this brace, I can shovel stalls, throw hay, and even ride with my gloves on, all while not being in any pain!"

- Sandi, patient


"This item was recommended to me by a friend who is a surgeon and suffers with arthritic pain. I'm a pianist and it really helped. Thanks!"

- Mary, patient and pianist


MetaGrip Kitchen


"After talking with my doctor and finding out that short of surgery only braces would help, I ordered one for my right hand. It decreased pain and increased mobility immediately."

- Rebecca, patient



"This is a great brace for people with arthritis at the base of their thumb."

- Abe, patient


"This brace has helped me so much! I'm able to work again and do my crafts. I like it because you can wash it and it's not big and bulky like most braces I have tried."

MetaGrip Knitting

- Beth, patient


"Best brace I have found - very durable. Thanks!"

- Michael, patient


"I bought this Push thumb brace nearly a year ago after I had mentioned to my orthopedic Dr about the increased pain and weakness in my left hand/thumb. An X-ray showed mild to moderate arthritis at the base of the thumb. My Dr recommended this product so as to delay or avoid surgery. I was reluctant to purchase the product as the price was fairly high - I was concerned about proper fit and I don't trust velcro closures for repeated, daily applications. An injection into the joint didn't help much so I took the plunge.

I have worn the brace daily for the last 11 months. Altho I am retired, I am involved in a large, complex wood boat restoration project that involves much physical activity including using both hands for power tools, hand tools and heavy equipment. Lifting, pushing, pulling - any type of grasping you can imagine - every day/all day. There is minor restriction of movement but I am able to do what I need to do to keep moving along - including typing this review.

The brace is pretty well beat up now, as you can imagine, but has worked well for me! Else wise, why would I continue to wear it? One end of the metal band is breaking thru the hard plastic base in the palm. The straps are stretched. It looks pretty bad. I take extra care with the velcro closure straps - no sudden yanking open. Slow and steady pulling can help delay the inevitable failure of the hook and loop material. I am about to purchase a new one - the old one is still working well but looks a fright and the other folks who sit near me when I attend the opera are beginning to gossip. ;)"

- Amazon Reviewer, patient

Terms and Conditions

Orders cannot be changed or cancelled after submission. Please review your order for accuracy before submitting.

Shipping & Handling

When choosing your shipping option, please allow 1-2 business days for order processing in addition to shipping times. We make every effort to process orders the same day up to 1:00pm, but we cannot guarantee it. BraceLab does not ship on weekends or holidays.

BraceLab Warranty Information

BraceLab wants you to be satisfied with your purchase from us. All Push Braces and Push Sports Braces are guaranteed against any defect in materials or workmanship for 90 days from the date of purchase, unless altered or laundered incorrectly (see product insert for instructions).

Patient Exchanges & Returns

BraceLab offers free returns and exchanges to ensure that you get the correct size and fit.

For Fit or Sizing Exchanges or Returns:
  • To request an exchange or return due to improper fit, please call us at 888-235-8221 or email us at within 30 days of purchase to receive return instructions and an RMA authorization number. Exchanges and returns must be received by BraceLab within 15 business days of the RMA authorization number issuance. No exchanges or returns will be accepted without an RMA authorization number.
  • All braces returned for improper fit must be in new condition with the original product inserts and packaging. Braces may be tried on for sizing and fit but must be unused to be returned or exchanged.
For Defective Exchanges or Returns:
  • If you have an issue with product workmanship within 90 days, please contact us immediately at 1-888-235-8221 or We will provide you with an RMA authorization number. Defective exchanges or returns must be received by BraceLab within 15 business days of the RMA authorization number issuance. No defective exchanges or returns will be accepted without an RMA authorization number.

BraceLab Customer Service is available weekdays from 9:00AM to 5:00PM EST, except on holidays.

Exchange braces and refunds on returns will be issued within two business days of BraceLab receiving the original product under the conditions stated above. Replacement shipping is provided free via USPS Priority Mail. If you require expedited shipment it must be paid in full and in advance of shipment.

These policies do not apply to international orders. Please contact BraceLab for information.

Please ensure you follow the above policies for prompt resolution. If these policies are not met, BraceLab may refuse your shipment – you will be notified and the product may be returned to you at your expense.

Therapist / Clinic / Reseller Exchanges and Returns

Exchanges can be made provided the original order was placed for a specific patient and the exchange or return request is made within 30 days of the original purchase. Exchanges and returns are not allowed on original orders of 4 or more braces.

You must contact BraceLab Support at 1-888-235-8221 or to obtain an RMA authorization number prior to sending any return or exchanged or defective product.

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