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Clinicians describe a passive test for intrinsic tightness. This study differentiates interosseous tightness testing from lumbrical tightness testing. Additionally this study shows that the stretching position for lumbrical tightness is different... View Complete Article

The Journal of Hand Surgery, Vol. 27B, Supplement 1, p64, 2002


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Clinical Pearl No. 22 – Lumbrical Muscle Tightness & Testing

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Book Chapter - Therapist’s Management of the Stiff Hand, Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity – 2011

Journal Article - Exercise Splint for Effective Single-Finger Active Hook Exercises by Ahearn, D and Colditz, JC, Journal of Hand Therapy – 2005

Journal Article - Lumbrical Tightness: Testing and Stretching [Abstract only], Journal of Hand Surgery 2002

Journal Article - Efficient Mechanics of PIP Mobilisation Splinting, British Journal of Hand Therapy – 2000

What Do You See? No. 4 - The Lumbrical-Plus Finger

What Do You See? No. 2 - Finger Scissoring

Video Clip - Drawing the Dorsal Apparatus

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