Obstetrical brachial palsy (OBP) results from stretching of the brachial plexus as the baby passes through the birth canal. If the baby's head and shoulders are pulled in opposite directions during delivery, the upper part of the brachial plexus is stretched (Erb's palsy). Breech deliveries can cause injury to the lower part of the plexus (Klurnpke's palsy) when the arms of the child are hyperextended overhead. This lower cord stretch also commonly occurs when there is a face presentation and the neck is hyperextended... View Complete Chapter

Chapter 25: Tendon and Nerve Surgery in the Hand: A Third Decade, eds: Hunter, Mackin & Schneider, p199-209, C.V. Mosby; 1997


Clinical Pearl No. 29 – The Hoffman-Tinel Sign

Clinical Pearl No. 25 – Froment’s Sign & Jeanne’s Sign in Ulnar Palsy