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Restoration of hand function after skeletal disruption must achieve maximum range of motion with solid union of the underlying fractures. Too often the significance of the fractures of the hand is underestimated. Correct diagnosis, accurate fracture reduction, and a program of early range of motion are imperative to achieve these goals... View Complete Article

Hand Clinics, Vol. 2, No. 1, p81-91, Feb 1986


Clinical Pearl No. 27 – Complex Made Simple: Pasta Transfer

Clinical Pearl No. 26 – Use of a Relative Motion Orthosis for Regaining PIP Joint Flexion or Extension

Clinical Pearl No. 23 – Little Finger Rotation after Distal Radius Fracture

Clinical Pearl No. 14 – How Long Should I Serial Cast a Finger?

Clinical Pearl No. 13 – Why I Dislike Ulnar/Radial Gutter Splints!!

Clinical Pearl No. 9 – To Glove or Not to Glove; That is the Question

Clinical Pearl No. 5 – “Splint” Suggestion for the Hypermobile Wrist

Clinical Pearl No. 3 – Making the Most of Mallet Finger Splinting

Book Chapter - Functional Fracture Bracing, Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity – 2011

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