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The radial nerve is the most frequently injured of the three major peripheral nerves in the upper extremity. Splinting to maintain joint motion and functional use of the hand is usually required until nerve recovery occurs or tendon transfer procedures are performed. A review of the literature reveals numerous splint designs for radial palsy. The biomechanics of "harnessing" the hand with radial nerve palsy are reviewed and splint designs are analyzed to determine appropriate use. A design is recommended that reestablishes the normal tenodesis pattern of the hand... View Complete Article

Journal of Hand Therapy, Vol.1, No.1, p18-23, Oct-Nov 1987


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Book Chapter - Splinting the Hand with a Peripheral Nerve Injury, Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity – 2002

Book Chapter - Principals of Splinting and Splint Prescription, Surgery of the Hand and Upper Extremity – 1996

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